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Waste Management into Gas Energy

Waste Management into Gas Energy

Piles of waste in the landfill (TPA) can be processed into gas energy. A gas mixture of methane and carbon dioxide is formed in the landfill when the organic rubbish is degraded under anaerobic conditions. Methane is a dangerous gas that causes global warming (greenhouse effect). Methane is 21 times stronger than carbon dioxide. The uncontrolled release of methane in landfills potentially creates problems such as fires, explosions, and odors.

The negative effect of landfill gas can be reduced by managing the gas as much as possible. Well-processed landfill gas can be used as fuel and to generate electricity. Theoretically, 1 kg of waste can produce 0.35 - 0.5 kg of methane gas (Herlambang, Sutanto, & Wibowo, 2010). This methane gas can be used as fuel for industry and vehicles. Even if fired only, it is very beneficial for the environment by reducing methane pollution.

Waste production of 2.85 million residents of Medan City reaches 2000 tons/day. Currently, the only landfill located in Terjun Marelan has been collecting 1,595 tons per day or 83% of the total waste per day in Medan City (2020). In the next 2-3 years, the 14 hectares landfill will reach the maximum capacity by the pile of rubbish up to 15 meters in height. The capacity matter in addition to harming the environment.